Saturday, November 17, 2018

Throwing a My First Networking Event

Last night, I threw my first networking event! I planned it with my friend, Wanda. (I've actually wrote about her before in this blog: The Growth Diary of a Makeup Entrepreneur). It was actually her idea. She wanted to bring creative people together and I honestly just went along with it. I thought it would be a cool thing to be involved with. So, after two months of planning and reaching out to people, we did it!

The networking event itself was meant to be an art exhibit theme. We held it at Starstruk Co. - a local media company in Lynn, MA. We reached out to different artists from the Boston area and people we knew that were doing artistic things from our area to see if they were interested in displaying their art. Around 16 people said yes, but only about 8 people actually followed through. Though, one group had, like, 12 people, in it. It worked out though because it gave each artist enough space to have their work fully appreciated.

We were surprised by how successful the event was. To be honest, we were nervous initially. No one was buying tickets, but with these kinds of things, everyone buys them last minute so they're not committed. I think a total of about 40 people showed up and at one point we were struggling to walk across the room. 

I'm kind of disappointed in myself, though. Only because in my head, I imagined myself more social and more memorable to the people there. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people. It's like I didn't really know what to talk to people about. So, I decided to man the door instead of mingling because I tend to isolate myself in social situations like that to reenergize myself. But, eventually, I decided to suck it up and talk to people. But, overall, it was good.

It was really cool to get to see artistic people come together and be energized by each other's energy. The light in their eyes when they were talking about their work was so cool. It was really cool being able to link people together with similar interests because being with like-minded people is so inspiring and making that happen is just indescribable. It's kind of surreal to say, "Wow, I helped make this happen." But alas, I'll stop rambling.

Here are some pictures from the Northshore Creative Exhibit. (I didn't really take pictures so here are some Instagram stories and posts.)

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Joshleen Perez's (@souljajip) "Boobies Gang" backpack.

Nehemiah Brent's (@planetnehemiah) photo from AfroPunk

Stavroula Tzortzis's (@stavroulaart) Self-Portrait

Abigail Jean (@a.jean_portraits), Jordan Truong (@duke.studios), and Nehemiah Brent (@planetnehemiah)

Picture from Chardé Fuller's (@shesintothefuture) collection. Courtesy of Nehemiah's IG story.

A sneak peek of 50/50's (fiftybalance50) collection.

Group picture of 50/50 (@fiftybalance50). Courtesy of Cinda Danh.
I just wanted to say thank you to all the artists that contributed and everyone who came! Shoutout to Starstruk Co. (@starstrukco) for letting us their space and helping us out. And, shoutout to Wanda Perez (@thewandaperez) for being my partner in this! Couldn't have done it without you!

Artists Featured in the Northshore Creative Exhibit:

50/50 (@fiftybalance50)
Abigail Jean (@a.jean_portraits)
Brianna Maggio (@briannamaggio)
Chardé Fuller (@shesintothefuture)
Emily Kwong (@kwongster_k)
Jordan Truong (@jord.dukem)
Nehemiah Brent (@planetnehemiah)
Stavroula Tzortzis (@stavroulaart)

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