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5 Life Principles to Live By

Life Principles to Live By to Live a Happy Healthy Life Inspiration
After reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I was inspired to come up with my own "agreements," except I see them more as "life principles." So, I'm just gonna call them life principles.

At first, I had a really hard time coming up with them. I mean, after all, these were things that I would decide to live by. Even if I did decide to change them later, I would want it to have a positive impact on my life and make me a better person now. So, after much thought, here are the 5 Life Principles to Live By.

1. Do everything with love.

I'm not gonna lie, I can be a pretty petty and passive-aggressive person. So, this principle is extremely important for me to follow through with to break my petty and passive-aggressive ways. After being aware of my negative thought patterns and activities that I did out of spite, I knew that this was not the person that I wanted to be. It took too much energy and I always felt so negative and heavy. It started affecting my relationships, and the negativity started manifesting in parts of my body. I would always just have a weird feeling in my stomach, probably from the shame that I felt about the person that I was.

So, I decided there needed to be a positive change. I needed to change my thought patterns and habits to make me more of a positive person. So, I decided to make it a habit to do things out of love, whether it be for myself or for others.

Doing something out of love for myself would look like me exercising, pulling myself out of a situation that would negatively affect me, consciously not saying negative affirmations about myself, and disassociating myself from people that don't help me feel good anymore. You know, the typical self-care stuff.

Doing something out of love for other people would be giving people genuine compliments, supporting people in their journey, writing this blog (after all this is meant to be a place of openness and love), and not gossiping. I put the not gossiping in italics and bold because this is muy importante!

Gossiping is one of the easiest things to do, but also one of the most toxic. Ruiz in The Four Agreements describes it as spreading poison because you're perpetuating negativity. When you gossip with someone, you're spreading this negative persona of a person, which skews the recipient's perception of this person. If the recipient of your gossip thinks it is juicy enough, they'll spread the poison by telling someone else. And, so on and so forth, so the negativity and poison will just keep spreading.

2. Don't take anything personally.

You're probably sitting there thinking, "Donna, that's impossible!" And, I'm telling you it's not. I had the same mentality as you until I read The Four Agreements. After reading his explanation of this principle, it really put things into perspective.

People's words and actions reflect them, not you, even if it does seem personal. It's the same vice versa. The things that you do reflect you, not other people.

If someone was being mean to you, there's a variety of reasons why they might have been mean. One reason could be that they were having a bad day. Or, maybe there is a much more deep-rooted issue within themselves. Or, they're just naturally grumpy. Or, they're mad about something. Or, maybe they're hangry. It could be so many things. I'm not saying these are excuses to be mean to someone but knowing that it's not personal lets you live a little more stress-free and less angry.

If you think about your actions and were really true to yourself, you would be able to identify the reasons why you do things. For example, for me, when I'm criticized, I get kind of defensive and get mad at the other person. It wasn't really until recently I understood why I get so defensive. It's because I'm really insecure and I don't feel like I'm enough, so then, I'll start to try to defend my actions and thought processes. But, at the end of the day, I'm scared that my "incompetence" is obvious to other people. So, it's not really personal to the other person. Again, it's not an excuse to treat someone poorly.

Think of something that you did that may have resulted in you getting mad at the other person. Should the other person take it personally? Or, was there a deep-rooted issue within yourself?

The same goes with positive comments. If someone were to say, "You're great," to you, they were probably just in a really good mood and decided to compliment you. Or maybe you did a really big favor for them. No matter what the reason, don't take them personally. You should already know that you're great without needing someone to tell you.

3. Take radical responsibility for your life.

This is slightly inspired by The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson.

Once you start taking radical responsibility for your life, you'll start to live more. For those who don't know how this would look like, here's an example. If you think your life sucks, instead of sitting in self-pity and blaming everyone else for your problems, you can take steps towards making your life better.

No matter what, I don't think you should let anyone else take control or responsibility of your life because even if you're feeling lost or confused, you're the only person who knows yourself best so you know what's best for you, not anyone else.

4. Do what energizes you.

It's really easy to fall into the natural routine of life. It's also really easy to forget to do things that you enjoy doing. For me, it's making jokes, singing unapologetically in my car (you know, where no one would hear me), yoga, and meditating. For you, it might be reading, painting, doing jigsaw puzzles, or exercising. Whatever it is (as long as it's not hurting anyone), remember to make time to do these things for yourself, otherwise, you'll start to feel drained and empty.

5. Do your best.

The most important thing is that we're always doing our best. It's inevitable that we're going to slip up while implementing our life principles. But, once we are aware of the slip-up, we should think, "How do we do our best the next time?" and prevent the slip-up from occurring again. So, that way we're constantly doing our best to live the best versions of ourselves.

Life Principles to Live By to Live a Happy Healthy Life Inspiration

Here are the links to the books that I mentioned above:
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What are your life principles? Share them in the comments below!
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