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How to Feel Confident About Your Future

"It's not where you start but where you finish that counts."
-Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Most of us aren't blessed with a life served on a silver platter. Most of us have to work hard for where we want to be. It can feel discouraging and difficult while we're on our journey of passing where we are now, but it doesn't have to always feel that way. There are ways to make you feel empowered, excited, and confident about your future. I have a couple of tips to do just that.

1.) Envision it

Vision quotes that give inspiration and purpose. Great for entrepreneurs. Motivational for career advice.

What do you want in the future? Imagine yourself with whatever you want in the future. How do you feel? How are you dressed? Where are you? The more specific you can get, the better. You'll start to feel as if it were happening in the present. Write down what you're envisioning in the present tense as if it were happening right in that second to make it feel more real. The more real that it feels, the more inspired you'll be and the less you'll be focused on your fears.

2.) Make a vision board

Vision boards are powerful tools used to manifest your future. How? You can actually see what you want in life right in front of you on that board, instead of staying in your head. According to, the purpose of a vision board is to provide clarity, reinforce your daily affirmations, and help you focus on your intentions. It's easy to make, too!

If you want to make a digital vision board, you can make a Pinterest board with pictures of all the quotes or pictures that resonate with you. Once you've pinned everything that you've wanted, I suggest making a collage of the pictures and quotes that you've collected and print it out so then you can put it somewhere that you'll know that you'll see it. Or, making it into your desktop wallpaper. The more you see it, the more you'll be reminded of what you want. 

Another way to make one is the old school way. I prefer this way mainly because I love arts and crafts. You just get a board and some magazines. The board can be cork, dry erase with magnets, or a project board, whichever you prefer to hang your pictures and quotes on your board. The concept is the same with this method - you look through the magazines and just cut out pictures and words that resonate with you. This way can be kind of pricey if you don't know where to get cheap or free magazines, but I think it's worth it. Then, hang it somewhere that you'll know you'll see it. I hung mine at the end of my bed.

3.) Saying/reading affirmations consistently

Saying/reading affirmations make you feel more confident and inspired if you do it constantly. The more you see/say/hear it, the more you'll believe it. If you're skeptical about this, I understand. I was, too. But, when I was feeling discouraged about my future and myself, I started to do it because what did I really have to lose? And, to my surprise, it actually worked. I gained more confidence in myself and actually started to believe what I was saying. I can make a better future for myself. I recently started writing affirmations and little inspirational quotes on post-it notes and sticking them on the wall near my bed so if I ever need a little motivation or a pick-me-up, they're there.

On Moxie Mostly, they give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own affirmations wall. I linked the post here.

To help you get started on your affirmations research, here are some of my favorite affirmations:
  • My efforts are supported by the universe.
  • My life is filled with hope and abundance.
  • My possibilities are endless.
  • I am a strong, confident, and independent woman.
If these affirmations don't do it for you, you can make up your own that's more suitable for you and your situation or find some online. My favorite place to find affirmations is actually on Pinterest, that's where I actually got the affirmations I listed above. Here's a link to my Affirmations Pinterest board to see more:

4.) Surround yourself with people that support and believe in you, too

Choose your friends wisely and with caution quotes. Allocate your energy.

Have you ever had a friend that was constantly negative, put you down constantly, and/or judged you for doing anything? That's the person who you don't want to invest your energy in, especially if you want to progress. It's easy for us to put ourselves down already. Do you really want another voice telling you that you can't do it? On your journey, it's critical to have a strong support system. A support system that encourages you and believes in you and your future. With a strong support system, you'll feel more motivated and more comfortable moving forward on your endeavors knowing that there is someone who's got your back and believes that you can do it, too. Be picky about who you surround yourself with!

5.) Make a list of your strengths and how they'll help you

Strengths and how they help you with your future goals of success exercise.

It's common to list your weaknesses and how they play against you, especially if you're feeling low. If you have a tendency to do that often, this exercise will be great for you! We all have strengths within us even if sometimes we forget, which is why I'm having you make a list of your strengths and how they work for you and how they'll help get you where you want to be. If you have trouble thinking of strengths, google "list of strengths" to help trigger your memory. By making this list, you'll remind yourself that you do have an advantage. 

6.) Get off social media and focus on yourself

Social media has made it so easy to see other people's lives and that's great until you find yourself in a social media rabbit hole of creeping on people's pages that make you feel less worthy. Believe me, I've fallen into this trap so many times. What I found that works the best, though, is to just get off social media and focus on myself. At first, this was hard to implement because I had an urge to find out but after falling into the rabbit hole one too many times, I've decided that enough was enough. I took a social media detox for a couple of months and found myself feeling less anxious and focused on improving myself.

Of course, there is a less radical alternative: block/unfollow/unfriend the person that makes you feel negatively for whatever reason. Don't worry about what they'll think; what's important is preserving your positive energy. A counselor at my school suggested that if I think I'm going to get hurt by whatever I see, even in the slightest chance, don't do it because it's not worth picking up the pieces of my self-esteem and trying to put it back together. And, she was right. If you find yourself going back to their page, take a social media detox to recenter yourself again.

7.) Take action

take action quote that motivates you to achieve success.

This is probably the biggest confidence booster because you know that you're working towards your future. You'll have a sense of accomplishment because you'll be proud that you're taking a step closer to what you want to do. You have to be intentional about where you're putting your energy, though, otherwise, you'll be wasting your time and energy. It could even be something small. For example, you want to start a business. Maybe something that you would do is pick out a domain name and buying it or planning your product/services that you would provide. Want to start a blog? Research the blogging platforms to decide which one is best for you, then, make an account on the one that you chose. The small actions that you take towards your goal make or break your success.

If you're in a feeling unmotivated and/or lost right now, remember, confidence isn't so easy initially; you have to work towards being confident. I believe in you! You're struong!

If you have more tips that have worked for you, share it down below. If you liked this post, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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